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Other Cleaning Service

We work in all industries, including fashion, retail, technology, start ups, gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, medical offices, and home offices.

Other services list:

  • Flip, vacuum and spray mattress
  • Change linens
  • Wash pet bowls
  • Wash inside and out of windows
  • Oven cleaned and degreased
  • Laundry (wash/dry/fold)
  • Vacuum pet bedding
  • Clean and Sanitize pet areas
  • Clean/organize inside of refrigerator
  • General home/office/closet organizing
  • Sanitizing toys and play areas
  • Interior recreational vehicle cleaning
  • Hand scrub grout/grime
  • Jacuzzi/ Hot tub sanitizing
  • Clean/dust/organize inside hutches, curios, cabinets etc
  • Special events prep and or clean up
  • Yard sale prep

You tell us your pain and we fix it!

Serving Washington DC Metropolitan Area &
Greater Philadelphia Region.

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